Randomized Algorithms (summer term 2014)

The course is given by Dr. Sabine Storandt. It takes place every Monday and Wednesday from 10:15am until 11:45am in the Hörsaal 03-26 in building 51.


- Las Vegas & Monte Carlo Algorithms

- Applications for Randomized Algorithms and Data Structures

- Improving Deterministic Bounds via Randomization

- Randomization in Games and AI

- Randomized Online Algorithms

- Probabilistic Method


The complete script of the lecture (including some further references) is available in the course svn repository.

The final version (last change: 28.08.14) of the script can be viewed here.


The oral exam takes place at 26.08.2014.

Here is a list of example questions that are likely to be asked in the exam.

Question Time

==> Monday, 04.08. at 16:15 and Monday, 25.08. at 10:15 (Hörsaal 03-26 in building 51). Please come prepared, i.e. read through the script before and tell me explicitly what is unclear or where you need additional explanations.


1. Preliminaries

2. Randomized Algorithms and Data Structures

3. Getting Beyond Deterministic Bounds via Randomization

4. Randomization in AI

5. Online Algorithms

6. Probabilistic Method

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