Demo for the invalid interpretation of the CSS box model by internet explorer < 6

[ Test 1]

[ Test 2 (quirks mode)]

style.width versus offsetWidth

style.width is a read/write property of an element and is the width of the content area of the object.

offsetWidth is a read-only property and means the effective width of the element including padding of the element.


<div id="test1" style="300px;">width = 300px</div>
<div id="test2" style="width: 300px; padding: 10px;">width = 300px; padding = 10px</div>

var div1 = document.getElementById('test1');
var div2 = document.getElementById('test2');

div1.width: 300px
div2.width: 300px
div1.offsetWidth: 300px
div2.offsetWidth: 320px  // if box model is interpreted correctly; not IE < 6 / IE quirks mode

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