Skeleton of CompleteSearch documentation.

1. Introduction

1.1 What is CompleteSearch?

A cool search engine. Get from a bunch of files to a cool browser-based search in minutes.

1.2 What is CompleteSearch not?

Does not provide a web-crawler and you can't bake cookies with it.

1.3 FAQs

Why me?

2. Installation

2.1 For the Impatient

tar -zxf completesearch.tgz
cd completesearch
configure --prefix=<name of install dir> --web-server=<name of web server>
make -C indexing all
make -C server all
make -C web all
[TODO: index test collection]
[TODO: deploy on web server]

[TODO: well, a few things will have to be configured by hand]

2.2 Components

[TODO: Decribe the three main components: index builder, completion server, web interface]

2.3 Index Builder

[TODO: describe how to install and configure]

2.4 Completion Server

[TODO: describe how to install and configure]

2.5 Web Interface

[TODO: describe how to install and configure]

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