CompleteSearch supports ISO-8859-1 and the multibyte character encoding UTF-8. UTF-8 is the default encoding with the following consequences:

We do the following depending on the defined encoding:

Note: The form attribute accept-charset

If the form attribute accept-charset is set to "UTF-8" the form variables are UTF-8 encoded before sent to server (even if the page encoding is not UTF-8).

The PHP Apache extension php_mbstring

The use of the mb_strtolower function (and other mb_ functions) requires the extension php_mbstring in php.ini:

In windows:

or in linux:

(On geek, the mb_... functions were available by default, on Markus' laptop the line above had to be added.)

If this is the first extension you use be sure to have specified the location of the extension with the extension_dir directive.

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