Selenium IDE export

Be sure that the exported files are ISO-8859-1 encoded, otherwise problems with special characters (like German umlauts) can occur. Selenium IDE can be configured under "options" to save test files as ISO-8859-1.

Current version of SeleniumRC server and client drivers is 1.0 beta-2

If you use SeleniumRC server 1.0 beta-2 be sure to use the following browser profiles:

Problem with Selenium->goback() in Internet Explorer and Opera

If during a test an 404 error ("page not found") occurs the Selenium goback() command fails. An example herefor is following an non existing external link.

Cross scripting error with browser profiles *firefox and *iexplore

If a test wants to go to an page which don't belong to the domain from which the test is started an Javascript cross scripting error will occur. Following the link is implemented in Selenium by Javascript which is not allowed to leave the start domain. To workaround this issue use the browser profile *chrome and *iehta or proxy injection mode of the Selenium server.

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