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Unten meine Mail vom 1. Dezember 2009, in der ich auf die Seite hier verweise.

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Ok, los geht's. Hannah 1Dez09 22:15

Hier meine Mail

Dear all,

it's now two months that we have the food and drinks in our kitchen.

So far it was all for free. The cost was around 800 Euro / month, which I paid from my private pocket. I do earn a decent salary, but that is a bit too much for me to maintain further. Please note that there is no way to pay food and drinks from university money, the laws simply do not allow it.

So the question is: how do we continue?

For the drinks (which amount to about half of the cost, a bit less) I would opt for a tally sheet / Strichliste. That's easy: when you take a drink you just mark the corresponding amount on a sheet, and in regular intervals someone collects the money.

For the food, this is not so obvious. For example, I don't think we should start pricing individual cookies or grapes or bread slices. Here are some options, which came to my mind (feel free to suggest more). Note that there are also overhead costs for the shopping itself, that is, the person who does that (used to be Regina Pietsch, now it's Elisabeth) gets paid by the hour. I am willing to take over these costs.

A. Everybody on the floor pays some fixed amount of money (somewhere between 10 and 20 Euro per month). I pay the rest.

B. Everybody decides by him or herself by the end of the month how much to give. I pay the rest.

C. We have a rough tally sheet also for the food. Say with a unit of 1 Euro. If you consume any larger amounts you just mark as much as you feel is appropriate for what you consumed. I pay the rest.

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Marjan: First I would say that all options are very generous. Since it is also offered, I would prefer option A - it's the simplest. But what about having the MPII Kaffekasse system of payment? If somebody takes something the same somebody also puts a mark on the sheet of paper that matches the price of the something.

Marjan: A very interesting is the phenomena with our coffee machine: as long as there were coffee beans in the machine, everybody was using the machine to get coffee. As soon as the coffee beans run out, everybody stopped drinking coffee and nobody dared to buy some more (even though I see nervous people in the kitchen sometimes, frustrated that there are no more coffee beans but still not buying some). This is outrageous.